Hooping 4 Fitness


Hooping “4” Fitness is a fun way to get or stay fit with different hula hoop exercise programs

 for yourself and your entire family.


One hula hoop program is Hoop “R” Cise.  Hoop “R” Cise is aerobic exercising with hula hoops.



Patricia W. Murray

Hoop Instructor/Owner


Teaching group lessons/Private Classes

Gym location & Venues vary





I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Chiari Malformation & Mast Cell Disease, along with other maladies. Due to a fall in 2003, I was in braces, confined to a bed, and then wheelchair bound for 5 years. Due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I cannot heal properly and have had many surgeries, including brain surgery, along with many spinal surgeries.  I am IV dependent for hydration and I use oxygen when needed.


I just started walking again in January 2011. I use a cane when needed, and many braces under my clothes. I have to wear my braces when hooping also. I exercise safely and have my doctor's permission to hoop—and you should too! I love hooping; it is so relaxing and it keeps me fit and trim looking. I am a Vegan, as well.


I have been hooping since I was three years old and was a Hoop Champ at the age of ten. I have been teaching hooping for almost two years, health permitting. I am also a Motivational Speaker and the President/Executive Director/Founder of the Murray-Wood Foundation for rare maladies. www.murraywoodfoundation.org


If I can do this you can too! 


Please call for more information: 703-819-4619


                     Happy Hooping!